Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Baby Nerves

Alright, so my latest manuscript isn't exactly the same thing as a new baby, but it sure feels that way as I release the result of months of research, writing, and editing to my first round of beta readers. I am excited to announce that Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen will be published later this year and can't wait to get feedback from amazing readers.

My take of Elizabeth of York's life has been a joy to write since I am passionate about this era of history. As a witness of the end of the Plantagenet dynasty and the mother of the Tudor dynasty, Elizabeth would make one captivating dinner guest. I hope that I have captured the turmoil, emotion, and faith that drove Elizabeth and formed the world around her.

As I sent out advance copies to a few selected beta readers, butterflies swarmed my stomach, and I was assaulted with the feeling that I am revealing my very heart to people who may or may not appreciate it. Writing is a solitary activity, which this introvert is ideally suited to. Sharing my stories is much more difficult. Yet, that is the end goal. A writer opens her heart and hopes to be embraced by readers who understand her.

What was the last book and author that you felt a deep connection with? Did you let them know?

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