Plantagenet Embers

"Wilcoxson makes Elizabeth an invitingly sympathetic character, and the novel’s portrait of Henry VII is truly remarkable for its humanity, a quality of his Tudor novelists often omit." ~ Historical Novel Society

"This is such an emotive tale" ~ David's Book Blurg

"I particularly liked the way the author gives a version of events which I had never thought of..." ~ Author Annie Whitehead

"The story immerses the reader in Elizabeth’s point of view. Events are filtered through Elizabeth’s eyes, through her perspective as filtered by her own experiences and personal knowledge." ~ Author Stephanie Churchill

"The author's genuine sympathy with, and empathy for her protagonist shines through, and it is this in particular that makes them a joy to read." ~ Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

"Even more so than in the story of Elizabeth of York, it is in describing Margaret Pole's path, overcoming the enormous trepidations brought on by the burden of her own family's legacy to stand beside her queen, Catherine, and Catherine's daughter Mary, that Samantha Wilcoxson comes into her own as a writer, and grabs her readers by their collective necks; only to leave us heartbroken at Margaret's fate." ~ Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

"A magnificent and moving book that appealed to me on many levels." ~ Reading the Ages

"This is a tale that leaves you drawing in breath at the end, wondering, if the fates had been spun differently, what this likeable family of York would have achieved had they been given that chance." ~ Discovering Diamonds

"This is not only a great story about the Tudor times, but about a woman with the same emotions and moods we can identify with today." ~ Readers' Favorite

"This is a fascinating read which shows us the true nature of Mary, whose reign was marked by extraordinary uneasiness and a lack of strength to set a standard of stability and acceptance for both friend and foe." ~ Historical Novel Society

"Samantha Wilcoxson has a unique writing style which makes her stand out from other Tudor storytellers. She gets into the mind of her main character and writes Mary’s story as if she’s seeing it through the queen’s own eyes." ~ Author Sharon Bennett Connolly

"Every scholar and enthusiast knows the crimes of Henry VIII and what unfolded in his wake. Samantha uses this to full advantage and weighs every ounce of this on Mary’s soul." ~ Knight of Angels

"Most of all, I feel compassion for Mary and her lonely road through life. A woman who wanted only to love and be loved was given little opportunity to do either." ~ Discovering Diamonds

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"Given the nature of the era in question, these women are all too often unsung, under appreciated, or just outright stereotyped, vilified, or caricatured. Samantha’s gift is to humanize these women for modern readers, peeling back the layers of history and presumption, allowing these extraordinary personalities to tell their own stories in their own way." ~ Knight of Angels

"She has a gift for putting the reader inside the head of characters who may appear to be on the sidelines of history but who are actually quiet makers of history themselves. (Well, not necessarily, THAT quiet.) In this way, the reader feels the sense of history the way it must have been for those living in it." ~ Blair Hodgkinson, Goodreads

"The sweet moments between her and Henry Stafford were what I didn't know I needed." ~ Kirsten Muller, Goodreads

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"Wilcoxson brings Elizabeth and her daughters, and the other characters with whom they interacted, to life in glorious colour and depth, skillfully animating them and filling their conversations with emotion, hope, and responses that make the reader feel that they really begin to know them." ~ Book Squirrel

"Wilcoxson is brilliant at capturing Elizabeth, a woman who is fragile and tender and tormented, but she is also at times, cold and cruel and hard as nails. Her character is written with such a crazy depth of emotion even while showcasing her political acumen." ~ Author Stephanie Churchill

"What I admire most about her work is that she operates with the understanding that these characters are historical personalities, real people who lived and breathed as we do." ~ Knight of Angels

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"Reginald deserved to have his story told, and Samantha Wilcoxson has done a fantastic job with it! Her books never disappoint!" ~ A Tale of Two Pages

"Wilcoxson did a fantastic job building the secondary characters so that the reader is left wanting more and more." ~ Tudors Dynasty

"A focus on Reginald Pole is, ironically, a break with tradition in the very spirit of the Reformation." ~ Knight of Angels

"The author quite believably fleshes out a man of conscience and faith against a background of political and religious turmoil. As usual in a Samantha Wilcoxson novel, you suffer and feel with the character and every blow, every loss, every conflict is deeply experienced." ~ Blair Hodgkinson, Goodreads

"In the turbulent world of Renaissance, political intrigue and religious Reformation, Wilcoxson brings Pole to life, networks him with both prominent and humble people, places him in vividly drawn settings, and animates the conflicts and issues that confronted him in a highly realistic and compelling way." ~ Book Squirrel

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