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On historical figures:

"Expert Talk on Queen Mary I" at The Tudor Society, January 2019

"Coronation of Queen Mary I" at English Historical Fiction Authors, October 2018

"Henry VIII, Reginald Pole, and De Unitate" at Tudor Times, September 2018

"The Enigmatic Elizabeth Woodville" at Tudors Dynasty, March 2018

"Exploring the Personalities & Relationships of Tudor Women" at the Tudor Summit, March 2018

"Elizabeth's Side of the Story" at Blog of Stephanie Churchill, March 2018

"The Husbands of Margaret Beaufort" at Tudor Times, February 2018

"Life in the Time of Queen Mary I" at Myths, Legends, & Coffee Pots, January 2018

"Christmas with Mary and Jane" at On The Tudor Trail, December 2017

"The Counter-Reformation of Queen Mary I" at English Historical Fiction Authors, November 2017

"The Reformation: Henry & Luther" at English Historical Fiction Authors, October 2017

"The Heroines of Plantagenet Embers" at Tudors Dynasty, October 2017

"The Evidence Against Elizabeth" at English Historical Fiction Authors, August 2017

"Exposing the Real 'Bloody Mary'" at Blog of Poppy Coburn, April 2017

"A Day in the Life of Elizabeth of York" at Tudor Times, April 2017

"An Interview with Frances Waldegrave" at History Imagined, April 2017

"What Elizabeth Learned from Mary" at Blog of Judith Arnopp, April 2017

"Mary and Reginald: What Could Have Been?" at Tudors Dynasty, April 2017

"Mary and Jane: Reluctant Rivals" at Lady Jane Grey Reference Guide, April 2017

"Mary I: Her Mother's Daughter" at English Historical Fiction Authors, April 2017

"Marriage in Tudor England" at English Historical Fiction Authors, October 2016

"The Tragic Life of Catherine Gordon" at English Historical Fiction Authors, October 2016

"The First Tudor Prince" at English Historical Fiction Authors, September 2016

"Was Edward of Warwick a Threat to Henry Tudor?" at Henry Tudor Society, September 2016

"Coat of Arms Tell a Story" article at English Historical Fiction Authors, August 2016

"Margaret Pole's Wild Ride on Fortune's Wheel" article at English Historical Fiction Authors, May 2016

"The York Remnant under Tudor Rule" article at Henry Tudor Society, April 2016

"Unmasking the Villain" article at Henry Tudor Society, January 2016

"Did Elizabeth of York Love Henry Tudor?" article at Tudors Weekly, October 2015

"York Sisters in a Tudor World" article at Tudors Weekly, September 2015

"The Romance of Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York" article at Henry Tudor Society, August 2015

On historic places:

"My Place: The Tower of London" at Cathie Dunn Writes, February 2019

On writing:

"Author Interview" at NFreads, April 2019

"Author Inspiration" at Myths, Legends & Coffee Pots, May 2018

"Interview with Samantha Wilcoxson" at The Writing Desk, December 2017

"Review & Interview" at Casting Light upon the Shadow, January 2017

"From Roses to Tudors" at Home of Wayne Turmel, May 2017

"Interview with Author Samantha Wilcoxson" at  Blog of Suzy Henderson, April 2017

"Why 'Bloody Mary'?" at The Writing Desk, April 2017

"The Birth of a Trilogy" at the blog of author Stephanie Churchill, October 2016

"Author Inspiration" at Myths, Legends, Books, & Coffee Pots, October 2016

"Passion over Paycheck" interview in Grand Rapids Magazine, August 2016

"Plantagenets, Tudors, and Self-Sacrifice" interview at Casting Light upon the Shadow, June 2016

"What Samantha Wilcoxson Learnt When Writing about Historical Figures" article at Bernicia Chronicles, June 2016

"Why Margaret Pole?" article at The Writing Desk, June 2016

"Interview with Author Samantha Wilcoxson" interview at BookGoodies, December 2015

"Saturday Historical Novelist Interview with Samantha Wilcoxson" interview at Writer Christoph Fischer Blog, November 2015

"Writing Superheroes: Samantha Wilcoxson" interview at Random Bits of Fascination, September 2015

"Why Elizabeth of York?" article at The Writing Desk, August 2015

"Over the Deep for Writing" interview at The Write Chris, April 2015

"Book Launch - Over the Deep" article at The Writing Desk, March 2015

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