Wednesday, February 1, 2017

From the Scriptorium: February 2017

February 2017 Edition

Most of my time over the past month has been dedicated to getting Queen of Martyrs ready for beta readers. I am so thankful for these wonderful people who take the time to help me make each book ready for the world! Proofs will be in their hands by the end of February so that dear Mary will be ready for her April release.

Work is ongoing on In Bed with the British as well. It is fun to work on nonfiction, and it makes me wish that I lived in the UK so that I could dedicate more time to this type of work. This anthology will be available summer 2017.

Featured Reviews

Historical fiction author Tony Riches knows his Tudors and has written his own series on the lives of Owen, Jasper, and Henry, so I am especially thrilled to receive a review from him for Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen.

One of those priceless beta readers has the blog of a true modern renaissance man. His review of Faithful Traitor was the very first I received and I am still thankful for it.

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Upcoming Events

In March, I will be participating in a special event as part of the Michigan Library Association Spring Institute. Join me in Frankenmuth for great food, more Christmas decor than can be found anywhere else, and bookish conversation.

Did you miss it?

This month, I was honored to be a guest at the blog of author Annie Whitehead. She has kindly reviewed Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen and had some follow-up questions.

The most popular article here on my blog this month was a fun look at how Thomas Becket managed to cause some trouble for another King Henry centuries after his death.

We also took a virtual trip to Boston, Massachusetts for a look at some US history.

Important historical dates in January included the death of Catherine Valois, the woman who made the Tudor dynasty possible, and the death of Henry Pole, the unjustly executed son of Margaret Pole.

You want it? You got it!

I have several guests and historic topics planned for the coming months, but let me know if I'm missing something. What would you like to see here? All you have to do is leave it in the comments below. Happy reading!